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Hair Rescue

An innovative treatment against baldness and thinning hair

Hair Growth Activator

Hair Rescue is a unique, innovative treatment for stimulating hair growth. It is applied in men and women with partial baldness and thinning hair. During this treatment, Hair Growth Activator is applied to the upper layer of the scalp. This blend of high-quality proteins of exclusively vegetable origin and a complex of vitamins, amino acids and minerals promotes human hair growth.

The ingredients in this product ensure that the quality of the scalp, in which the hair follicles develop, is improved. This Makes the hair still present stronger and healthier. The hair follicles are stimulated to re-create hair and the hairs that are still there, by growing. As a Result, hair loss decreases and slows down, while the hair roots strengthen. As a result the hair gets its firmness and shine back.

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